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Employment Law Family Law Licensing Law Litigation Personal Injury
Property Law Wills & Probate Landlord & Tenant Corporate & Commercial Law
Employment Law Employment Law & Family Law
Whether you are an employer or an employee, there are a range of issues where you may need legal advice. Employment contracts, unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, bullying and harassment, health and safety, and appraisals of statutory obligations are just some of the areas where we can help.

Clients may need representation or a matter taken to the Courts, Employments Appeal Tribunal, Equality Tribunal or Rights Commissioners in various employment law disputes and this is an area of law where our clients’ needs are growing.

Family Law
We have extensive experience and expertise in advising clients in all areas of Family Law. This includes divorce, judicial separation, nullity, and Separation Agreements, along with ancillary issues such as maintenance, access, custody, guardianship, and civil partnership.

Some of our clients are unmarried and may need specific advice. This is a sensitive area of law and our approach is to support our clients and to seek solutions to through interaction with our clients.

We monitor all current developments in legislation and case law and how new developments or approaches impact on children, pensions, property, mortgages, family assets, and other issues.
Licensing Law Licensing Law, Litigation & Personal Injury
We help clients with a range of legal issues concerning licensed premises (both on-licences and off-licences) as well as music and public singing licences, public dance licences, and restaurant certificates. We have also dealt with licences for hotels and clubs, and have dealt with miscellaneous licenses such as gaming and lotteries through the District and Circuit Courts.
We advise our clients with regard to many types of cases in the District Court, Circuit Court, High Court and Supreme Court. This can include commercial litigation of all types including representing clients in the commercial division of the High Court, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, employment litigation representing the interests of both employer and employee in many different situations, litigation involving intellectual property, road traffic matters, drunk driving prosecutions, injunctions, disputes involving property boundaries, and general litigation involving property.

We also have engaged in litigation arising out of probate and estates, and have a broad range of experience in advising both Landlords and Tenants on disputes and litigation that arise from commercial and residential lettings of property in Ireland.

Quite often our advice is to consider other approaches other than litigation and in this regard we have been successfully engaged in mediation. Bernard Gaughran is an Accredited Mediator.
Personal Injury
We have 40 years experience in dealing with personal injury cases from the District Court right up to the Supreme Court. Cases have included all types of accidents such as road traffic accidents, accidents at work, personal injury arising from slip-and-fall type cases, and also personal injury arising from medical negligence.

Many of our personal injury cases have involved serious injury and have resulted in high level awards for our clients.

Under current legislation, applications must be made to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB), and we provide advice on all aspects of these procedures. We work very closely with our clients in preparation and collation of all details of personal injury claims.
Property Law Property Law
We have been involved in conveyancing law for up to 40 years and have seen many changes, some of which have been quite challenging. We have advised our clients through all the changes in the legislation and the market. We employ a hands-on approach. And we have wide experience with commercial property - including leases - often involving considerable negotiation.

We have extensive experience in representing our clients in the sale and purchase of new or second-hand properties for first-time buyers, owner occupiers, or investors. We also represent clients in the sale or purchase of agricultural land and all types of commercial property.

We have acted for many young couples and individuals in buying their first property and have assisted them and guided them through every phase of the transaction.
We also help our clients in relation to ancillary mortgage issues and assist our clients with the legal and conveyancing requirements of their lending institution.

We assist our clients by advising on a broad range of issues relating to conveyancing transactions including matters concerning title, contracts, building agreements, stamp duty, estate agents, management companies and all planning issues.

We also assist clients in preparation of all forms of Letting Agreements on residential properties, including advices on PRTB applications. We deal with all aspects of registration in the Land Registry and Registry of Deeds, and also deal with ground rent applications and Local Authority conveyancing.

Wills & Probate Wills & Probate, Landlord & Tenant
We advise our clients comprehensively in relation to all issues and factors to be taken into account in preparing a Will and discuss not only legal criteria under the Succession Act and taxation matters but also family background and circumstances. Quite often problems can be avoided through detailed engagement and consultation with us.

Over the years, we have extracted many Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration and have assisted our clients and their families with the administration of estates through all phases.

We offer a broad range of advices in this area and have long experience in dealing with the Revenue Commissioners, Banks, Insurance Companies, Probate Office. We have a very efficient system in place, and adopt a step-by-step, practical approach to administering estates in a sensitive manner.
Landlord & Tenant
We also have a broad experience in advising both Landlords and Tenants in negotiating and putting in place Commercial Leases whether on a long or short term basis and advising in relation to all commercial and legal issues which arise.
Corporate & Commercial Law Corporate & Commercial Law
We advise small and medium companies on a range of company, corporate, and commercial law matters including company governance and requirements under the various Companies Acts including legal criteria for meetings, EGMs, AGMs, resolutions and records. We also advise directors and shareholders on their powers, obligations, rights and duties under Irish Company Law.

Our firm have acted in advising small and medium companies on the sale or purchase of a business including advices on share, sale and purchase Agreements and Shareholder and Partnership Agreements and many other forms of commercial agreements.